Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose us over a National Listing Company?

We are Realtors, we're local, and available 7 days a week. The national flat fee internet sites will take your money and list your house. If there is a problem good luck getting someone to pick up the phone and correct the issue. Unlike other internet flat fee listing services we will actually sit down with you to discuss your needs. We are local real estate specialists with years of experience who understand the market. We are not located in Oklahoma. We shop, dine and live right here in the Capital District.

Are we involved with the sales contract?

Typically Not. You are paying us to only list your home on the MLS. You will handle the sale yourself. You should be able to handle the sale yourself. If do you require additional assistance please contact us. For an additional fee we can help with the purchase contract, counter-offers, escrow, contingency issues, closing & settlement matters.

Are we involved in negotiations?

No, not unless you specifically request additional services. You will handle all showings, inquiries, and sales contract presentations on your own.

Can I make changes to my MLS listing?

Yes. It usually takes us 24 hours to update the MLS. You can e-mail or call us with your changes.

How do I get needed forms and contracts?

We will supply you with the forms you will need. If your home sells through the MLS, the buyer's agent will prepare the purchase contract.

What is a lockbox?

A real estate lockbox is a padlock shaped box that hangs around the doorknob of a house that is on the market. The device holds the keys to a house to allow communal access for all real estate agents, while continuing to keep them secure.

Should I use a lockbox?

Using a lockbox is up to you. We highly recommend it. It allows Realtors access to your home without you having to be present. The MLS will advise Realtors to use the lockbox for showings. A showing service will advise you when potential buyers want to tour your home. Without the lock box Realtors will have to contact you directly to arrange showings. The lockbox allows Realtors to show your home easily. The MLS listing we include your showing instructions and contact information. It is unlikely that a Realtor will show your home without an appointment. A lockbox usually hangs on the front. It contains a key to your home accessible by a combination lock. We will lease you a lockbox for a fee. You can purchase a lockbox from most hardware stores.

Do I have to pay a Commission if house sells because of the MLS?

Yes. If a Realtor brings a buyer and you agree to a selling price and the contract is approved. The buyer’s agent will be owed the commission you stated on the MLS. The commission is due at closing.

If I find my own buyer, will I still have to pay a selling commission?

No. As long as the buyer is not represented by an Agent.

Can I cancel my Flat Fee Listing at any time?

Yes. This may take up to 24 hours once you contact us.

Will Realtors Show & Sell my home if it's not listed on the MLS?

Probably not. The MLS listing specifies the agent’s commission. Without this guarantee buyer agents will be reluctant to show your home. Buyer agents spend a great deal of time showing clients available homes. They count on the commission to cover expenses during this search process.

Will my house be treated like others on the MLS?

Yes. Your listing will look just like all the other listings. Your listing brokers name and Salisbury Real Estate Services will appear on the listing. No one will know what you paid to list your home.

Will Agents not show my home if they know it is a flat fee listing?

No. This a tactic used by agents to convince you to list with them. The listing will have our agents name on it. There is no way to tell what the listing agreement is. The buyer's agent will be looking at the commission offered.

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