Current Project Coming in 2022

Gianni Construction Services, LLC was founded in 2013 by Eddie M. Salisbury Jr. as a construction management company for commercial projects. At Gianni Construction Services, LLC we only perform high quality construction management services on either private, negotiated, self-developed and/or design build projects. We take an extremely elevated level of pride in our craftsmanship and ethical business practices. We construct projects that transform our community for the greater good. We treat our clients like they are family members and look out for their interests first and foremost. We look at each project from the owner's standpoint, because we are building owners as well. We have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals ready to help you today.

What makes us different from the rest of the industry:

Our business model is to be great every day and continuously improve at what we do. WE ARE THE COMPANY TO CALL when you want to build the best possible project for your budget. When you want to have the greatest possible experience with least headaches as a project owner. When you want the maximum life expectancy of your new building(s) with forethought towards any future growth. When you expect accountability and refuse to accept excuses... we are the construction management company you deserve. We are there for our clients from the moment the project is an idea, all the way through construction and post construction. We stand proudly by our projects for life. Please note we need to disclose this... we are not the company to call when you want multiple contractors to give you the cheapest price for a competitive bid project. We do not operate like that. We do not know or speak for any other contractor's quality unless we have specifically hired them as a subcontractor. Therefore, we refuse to be compared to a potential standard of construction we may find inferior or unacceptable if the sole purpose is comparison of price.